Which internet browser should I use?We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer from Version 4 and Netscape Communicator from Version 4.5
I am not yet a customer but I would like to become one. What do I have to do?contact us.
I could not login, what is wrong?Make sure, that you enter the exact login name and password we have given you. If it is still not working, contact us.
How do I order correctly?A typical order is placed with the following steps:
  1. Search items using the six possibilities as follows:
    • Offers
    • Bestseller
    • New
    • By Artist
    • By Item no.
    • Top 30

  2. Enter the quantity desired
  3. Search other items (see step 1)
  4. Complete the order
How do I remove items from the shopping basket?Set quantity to 0 and click on "Refresh".
How do I complete an order?Change to the shopping basket and click on "Complete". Check now your order and click on "Send" if your order should be processed.
What payment methods do you support?We support different payment methods, please contact us.